Julián Ginzo

Julian Ginzo Managing Director

With 19 years of international experience in Canada, Argentina and Switzerland, Julian is the Managing Director at Threeofus, Inc. He has previously worked at Bell Canada, JPMorganChase, Scotiabank International Banking, National Bank of Canada, eXpancom Inc., TCW/Latin America Equity Partners, Bates Worldwide, Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Security and

Employment of Argentina, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires; plus significant independent initiatives and partnerships with international private and public institutions as well as non-profit organizations. Julian's main fields of experience are business consulting, IT, electronic payment solutions, credit cards, telecommunications, banking, private equity, government, agriculture, market research, publishing, advertising, music, arts and social care. Julian holds a BA in Advertising from

University of Belgrano, an MBA from University of Social and Business Sciences, a Certificate in Finance and Management from IAEF, and a Certificate in Corporate Strategy from University of Toronto. He is a Member of the Canadian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Consultant of Grow Movement in Uganda, and has participated as Guest Speaker at Youth Entrepreneurship Services in Montreal and Saint-Andrew's University in Buenos Aires.