Threeofus, Inc. is a Canadian consulting firm headquartered in the heart of Montreal. Since 2011, our core business has been focused on helping decision-makers, from international SMB's, start-ups, entrepreneurships, institutions and non-profit organizations, to providing access to creative solutions for their ventures.

We help projects to happen - and to happen properly, thanks to an extraordinary team of Senior Advisors with extensive track records in strategic sectors such as Agribusiness, Telecommunications, IT, Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Advertising, Digital Strategies, Entertainment and Sustainability.

Furthermore; and in order to provide organizations with a broader range of solutions, we have developed strategic partnerships with outstanding and creative suppliers from all over the world, covering fields such as communications, advertising, software development, mobile applications, business intelligence, financial services and investment alternatives on global markets.

Take a look at our services. You are welcome to contact us at any time and we will be glad to take a look at your challenge!